TechSummit Rewind 192

Microsoft & Amazon partner to integrate Alexa & Cortana, Uber confirms that Dara Khosrowshahi will be its next CEO, & Google announces three third-party speakers with Assistant integration


TechSummit Rewind 182

UK porn users will soon have to verify their age with a credit card, Microsoft launches a dedicated LinkedIn Windows 10 app, & Samsung Pay adds PayPal support

TechSummit Rewind 180

Nokia & Xiaomi sign business collaboration and patent agreements, NVIDIA partners in AI with Baidu, and Snapchat breaks the “no links” rule

TechSummit Rewind 161

Netflix ditches five-star ratings, New figures on Uber’s anonymous division, and Qualcomm rebrands its processors

TechSummit Rewind 153

Caavo’s set-top box unites Amazon, Apple, everything else; Alexa adds support for calendars; & Makerbot layoffs