Dear Anyone, #2

Dear Anyone that cares about my insight of Election 2012,
Here is the insight:

Only Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are going to be in the debate on December 27th which will be moderated by Donald Trump. Fox News is going to interview Mitt Romney on their “Fox News Sunday” show by Chris Wallace on December 18th.
                Former New Hampshire governor John Sununu suggested in a radio interview Friday that Newt Gingrich is “not stable,” saying on the “Scott Hennen Show” that the Republican presidential candidate is focused on himself and doesn’t think through the consequences of his actions.
                Now, we have witnessed the second-to-last test for Republican presidential candidates to persuade voters in Iowa to vote for them from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Here are 7  things that voters in the early swing states should have noticed during Saturday’s debate:
 1. There was only one mention of Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan during the debate since Herman Cain dropped out of the race. Michelle Bachmann mentioned the plan because of the fact that it was simple to comprehend and that people were excited about it.
2. Mitt Romney had a $10,000 unforced error because of Mitt failing to stop the narrative that his campaign was slipping and that Romney bet Rick Perry $10,000 that his book hadn’t been edited the way his rival claimed.
3. Newt Gingrich was the obvious piñata for the first 45 minutes of the 2 hour debate, but he got what he needed to get done.
4.  Newt Gingrich is testing how far right a GOP candidate can go on the country of Israel. This was the one moment that was high risk, and potentially high reward, for Gingrich.
5. Rick Perry has some game left. The one question is that, is it too late to put together a comeback. Yes, probably but Perry is having his best debate performances since September.
6.  The Jon Huntsman- Newt Gingrich has just gotten more interesting because there is strong reason to remain skeptical that Huntsman can still get New Hampshire.
7. Ron Paul gets his due but also gets some respect for changing their thinking about the Federal Reserve.

Dear Anyone.,#1

Dear Anyone that cares about the future of Paw Print and Thewritespot,
We are  writing all blog posts from this post forward in  letter form.
The Write Spot is closing and will be relocated to Paw Print. Thanks for reading, but know that we’re not closing but we’re merging.

X Factor picked up for 2nd season

Fox announced on Wednesday that the X Factor has been picked up for a second season. The United States version which launched on September 21st, has been the reliable performer Fox predicted it to be. The show averages more than 13 million total viewers, while providing significant rating boosts in the adults 18-49 demographic and both Wednesdays(which enjoys a 37% increase) and Thursdays (which has a 41% jump). Simon Cowell who serves as the show’s executive producer as well as co- judge, said he was “Absolutely thrilled” about the renewal. “ I have loved making the show, and I want to thank FOX, our sponsors and, most importantly, the fans for supporting ‘The X Factor,’” Cowell added.

Record Breaking October Nor’Easter

Sections of the Northeast got a early Nor’Easter this weekend and coming into Halloween, New England residents are digging through at least two feet of snow, three people are dead due to the storm and more than two million homes and buisnesses are without power. The Nor’Easter brought record snow from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts just to name a few locations. New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts all are under states of emergency. Just to go in depth on the deaths from the Nor’ Easter, an 84 year old man died this afternoon when a tree weighed down by snow fell on his Pennsylvania home, one person died from a traffic accident blamed on the snow in Colchester, Connecticut, according to Governer Dainel Malloy and in Springfield, Massachusetts, a 20 year old man was electrocuted by a downed power line he stepped on after getting out of his car. Parts of the Berkshires in western Massachusetts has more than two feet and is expecting to end up at more than thirty inches of snow. Newark- Liberty International, just across the Hudson River from NYC had 3.8 inches of snow, surpressing the previous record for an October day of .3 inches on October 20th, 1952. While at the coast they were soaked with frigid mixes of rain and snow, inland snow piled up like it was midwinter. West Milford, NJ saw 15.5 inches, Bristol, Connecicut (home of ESPN) had 11 inches, and Plainfield, Massachusetts had 14.3 inches of snow. Parts of West Virginia reported three to four inches of snow. 600,000 people homes and buisnesses had no power due to the storm in New Jersey, more than 265,000 people had no power in  New York State, more than 530,000 power were in the dark in Connecticut, more than 226,000 in Massachusetts and last but not least 61,000 in New Hampshire. In Brookline, Massachusetts, the snow was too much for some high school students in a soccer game. 5 players were taken to the hospital from hypothermia. The Nor’Easter hit from North Carolina to Maine. Travel by air was a mess in the northeast. Newark-Liberty International Airport reported a average of 6 hour delays and Philadelphia International Airport has delays of up to 3 hours.