Scores missing after China landslide

93 people are still missing as of Sunday, June 25, a day after a landslide buried the mountainous Xinmo village in China’s Sichuan province.

This is despite the efforts of over 2,500 rescuers that used detection devices and dogs to recover 10 bodies and are searching for signs of life amid the rubble, according to the Sichuan provincial government. Earlier reports from state media said that 15 bodies were found.

As of Sunday afternoon, three people – a couple and their month-old baby – were rescued from the site.

The tourist destination has become known for its picturesque scenery of homes in lush meadows tucked between steep and rugged mountains.

The landslide carried an estimated 18 million cubic meters of earth and rock from the steep mountains above from as high as a mile above the village.

Aba prefecture executive deputy governor Xu Zhiwen said that 142 tourists were in the village at the time of the landslide and survived.

It comes after a magnitude 7.9 earthquake killed nearly 90,000 people in Wenchuan County, roughly 25 miles from the landslide site.

Source: AP


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