TechSummit Rewind 173

This is the TechSummit Rewind, a daily recap of the top technology headlines.

Amazon unveils $230 Echo Show with calling screen, shipping June 28


Amazon has unveiled the Echo Show, which as the name implies, is an Amazon Echo with a seven-inch screen.

One of the main highlights here is that the device can be used to make and take video calls with other humans.

The Show, which comes in black and white, will set you back $229.99 and will be shipped from June 28. Preorders are available now.

“Echo Show brings you everything you love about Alexa, and now she can show you things. Watch video flash briefings and YouTube, see music lyrics, security cameras, photos, weather forecasts, to-do and shopping lists, and more. All hands-free – just ask.”

-Amazon, in a blurb on the Echo Show’s product page

The device appears to be able to integrate and enhance skills that are available on the current Echo, like music lyrics for Amazon Music. It also has Dolby-powered speakers and eight microphones, and lets you use existing Alexa skills without a video component.

Alexa Calling, the new calling feature on the Show, will also come to other Echos and the Alexa app.

Snapchat adds new creative tools as battle with Instagram heats up

Snapchat has added a set of new creative tools to the service today as its rivalry with Facebook’s bevy of clones continues to grow. Available today in the app on iOS and Android are snaps with unlimited viewing time, the ability to “draw” with emoji, and a “magic eraser” that removes objects from your snaps and fills them in with its surroundings. The move also happens to occur on the same week as Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, reports its quarterly earnings for the first time as a public company.

Starting with longer snap viewing, snaps can now be set to “limitless,” letting your recipient view an image for as long as you like by tapping an infinity icon. It will self-destruct after they close the message.

For videos, Snapchat has you covered with looping videos. If you record a video, you can tap the looping icon, and it will repeat until your friend closes the snap.

Artists can now create a virtual pen out of emoji – letting you doodle or spell out a word out of smiley faces or hearts.

Finally, Snapchat is adding a “magic eraser” to its existing scissor tool. Rub the eraser on an object and it’ll fill in the space with the background.

“These changes allow us to continue evolving the Snapchat service and provide a foundation for introducing even more creative tools for making fun snaps.”

-Snapchat, in a blog post

To accommodate the new features, the creative tools are moving from the top of the app to the right-hand side of the snap’s preview screen.

Yelp Q1 earnings: Full year guidance falls


Yelp has reduced its full-year guidance set in the previous quarter in its first-quarter earnings.

The company said that it would bring in between $850 million and $865 million in revenue for the full fiscal year of 2017. That’s down from the $880-$900 million range Yelp gave in February.

Nvidia Q1 earnings: Tegra revenue up 108% thanks to Switch

Nvidia got a nice little 1-up box from Nintendo thanks to the launch of its new Switch console.

The company’s Tegra processor powers the Switch, and enables its unique dual-play capabilities.

In the fiscal first quarter that ended Apr. 30, Nvidia reported Tegra processor revenue of $332 million, up 108 percent from a year ago and 29 percent from last quarter. The Tegra revenue also included record automotive revenue of $140 million, mainly from infotainment modules. That’s up 24 percent from a year ago and 9 percent from last quarter.

Overall, Nvidia reported earnings of 85 cents a share on revenue of $1.94 billion. Earnings per share were up 85 percent from a year ago, while revenues were up 126 percent.

“The AI revolution is moving fast and continuing to accelerate. Nvidia’s GPU deep learning platform is the instrument of choice for researchers, internet giants, and startups as they invest the future.

“Our Datacenter GPU computing business nearly tripled from last year, as more of the world’s computer scientists engage deep learning. One industry after another is awakening to the power of GPU deep learning and AI, the most important technology force of our time.”

  • Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA CEO & founder

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