Sevenhugs unveils a truly universal remote

Sevenhugs has unveiled its Smart Remote, which controls your TV, Nest thermostat, Philips HUE lights, Sonos speakers, and nearly 25,000 connected devices. Thanks to infrared, internal position sensors and an open API, you can even hail an Uber by pointing at your front door.

Its 3.53-inch display adapts to whatever device you’re pointing at whether it’s showing a channel guide on your Samsung Smart TV or letting you adjust your Hue lights.

The remote uses WiFi, Bluetooth, and Infrared to connect to these gadgets, but the real magic here is in the motion tracking and indoor position sensors that you place throughout your home. These sensors get mapped to specific functions in the Sevenhugs app, and pointing the remote at them trigger those actions.

You can also create custom scenes and control different devices at the same time. For example, a “date night” scene could dim the lights and turn on Netflix. If you lose the remote, there’s also a Lost & Found function that lets you retrieve it.

The Smart Remote is available for pre-order now for $229, but will be $300 when it comes to retail later this year. Orders come with a Smart Remote, charging base (that you’ll need to use every few days/weeks depending on use), a case, and three room sensors.

Source: Engadget


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