Japan earthquake: Tsunami briefly disrupts nuclear plant

TOKYO – A magnitude 7.4 earthquake rocked northern Japan Tuesday, according to the Japan Meterological Agency, generating a tsunami that hit Fukushima prefecture, the same region devastated by a similar quake and subsequent tsunami and nuclear disaster in 2011.

The earthquake was centered off the prefecture’s coast at a depth of about six miles, according to the agency, and was felt as far away as Tokyo (147 miles south of Fukushima) when it struck at 5:59 a.m. local time.

According to NHK, a tsunami of up to 4.5 feet was seen around Sendai (70 miles north of Fukushima) after the quake.

A Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) spokesperson confirmed that the cooling system for a spent nuclear fuel storage fuel at a reactor in the Fukushima Daini plant was halted. It was restarted soon afterwards.

The Tohoku Power company reported no damage to its Onagawa nuclear plant, while Kyodo reported no irregularities at the Tokai Daini nuclear plant in Ibaraki prefecture.

According to disaster management minister Jun Matsumoto, there haven’t been any reports of significant injuries so far.

Source: Reuters


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