TechSummit Rewind 100

This is the TechSummit Rewind, a daily recap of the top technology headlines.

Instapaper acquired by Pinterest

InstapaperInstapaper, the read-it-later app created by Marco Arment and sold to Betaworks in 2013, has been acquired by Pinterest. According to Pinterest, the company aims to “accelerate discovering and saving articles” on the platform. Instapaper will continue as an independent app, with its team working on both apps.

“The Pinterest team is working on unique technical challenges, and their collective skill will add tremendous value to Instapaper. Additionally, I’m personally looking forward to working on new projects and integrations within Pinterest.”

– Brian Donohue, Instapaper CEO

Lenovo will preload Office, Skype, OneDrive on its devices

lenovo-tech-worldAccording to Microsoft, its software (Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Skype) will soon be preloaded on some of Lenovo’s Android devices as part of a new patent cross-licensing agreement between the two companies.

LendUp raises $47M Series C round

LendUpConsumer banking company LendUp has raised a $47.5M funding round led by Y Combinator’s growth fund.
The cash will go towards scaling out its L Card, a credit card with no hidden fees and a flexible payback schedule.

Parrot’s fixed wing Disco drone takes flight next month for $1,300

Parrot Disco
Parrot’s Disco drone, which trades in the standard quadcopter configuration for a fixed wing designed to soar at speeds up to 50 miles/hour for up to 45 minutes.
The drone weighs around 1.6 pounds and is constructed largely of a flexible, rugged roam. A single rear propeller does the heavy lifting, with a slew of on-board sensors (GPS/GLONASS, barometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, and accelerometer). There’s also a 14-megapixel wide-angle lens with digital stabilization.
However, that pales in comparison to C.H.U.C.K (the Control Hub & Universal Computer Kit). The system’s designed to assist new pilots, and help the drone take flight when tossed into the air, grabbing control of the Disco and circling around the sky until it’s time for the pilot to take charge. At that point, C.H.U.C.K. will take a backseat, but will continue to assist.
Other key additions worth noting are Cockpitglasses, a sort of VR experience that uses an iOS/Android device to turn the drone into a FPV system, giving users a real-time view from Disco’s camera while in-flight, along with some flight metrics in a textual overlay.
Meanwhile, the Parrot Skycontroller 2 features dual joysticks and a series of customizable buttons for taking control of the drone via WiFi. All of this will set you back $1,300 when it launches next month.

Alively launches for private video livestreaming

AlivelyAlively has launched as a video platform where you can share livestreamed/recorded footage with a select audience.

“We want to make it easy and fun to capture and share those everyday moments as they happen with friends. Real moments that go beyond the highlight reel. Moments that people in our lives wouldn’t want to miss. Shared moments, in real time. We think the best way to do that is through high quality, privately shared live video, so friends can share and experience that moment with you as if they’re there.”
– Alively, in a statement

Samsung updates S Health with some friendly competition

Samsung S HealthSamsung’s S Health app is getting a minor overhaul, with a new layout and easier fitness level comparisons with friends. There’s also Ask Experts, a new service that lets users start conversations with local healthcare professionals about their workouts. Currently, it’s only available in South Korea but there are plans to “expand to other countries in the near future.”
The big story here is the segmentation of the single S Health dashboard into three tabs: Me, Together, and Discover. Together is where all of S Health’s social features live, letting users share activity data to Facebook, keep track of private leaderboards, and challenge friends to one-on-one competitions. Discover features editorial content – specifically news, guides, and articles on “healthy living and workout tips,” according to Samsung.

Android Pay automatically adds Walgreens loyalty points

Walgreens has become the first retailer to integrate its rewards system directly with Android Pay. All you’ll need to do is place your phone near the payment terminal to scan your card, then tap again to pay.


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