TechSummit Rewind 097

This is the TechSummit Rewind, a daily recap of the top technology headlines.

Google Fiber set to test wireless service across U.S.


According to a new FCC filing, Google Fiber is set to test its experimental wireless service in up to 24 U.S. locations.

Google would spend two years testing the service, though it’ll be limited to employees and “trusted testers.” Similar technology is being experimented with in Kansas City, Fiber’s first market.

“We are working to test the viability of a wireless network that relies on newly available spectrum. The project is in early stages today, but we hope this technology can one day help deliver more abundant Internet access to consumers.”

-A Google Fiber spokesperson

Carvana raises $160M Series C to expand dealership, car vending machines nationwide


Carvana has raised $160M in Series C to expand its model of selling used cars online across the United States.

With the new funding, the Phoenix-based company plans to have readily available inventory available in over 20 markets by the end of the year. Carvana will also need more physical locations to store cars in each of those markets.

Google removes Google+ requirement for posting Play Store reviews

Google Play Store

The Google Play Store no longer requires users to have a Google+ account to write reviews.

The rollout of this change is still ongoing.

“People have told us that accessing all of their Google stuff with one account with one account makes life a whole lot easier. But we’ve also heard that it doesn’t make sense for your Google+ profile to be your identity in all the other Google products you use.”

-Bradley Horowitz, Google VP of Streams, Photos, & Sharing

Tilt launches one-to-one payments


Tilt, an app geared towards crowdfunding events, is adding one-to-one payments to its service.

“In our abstinence from [one-to-one payments], we’re much more interested in building products that unlock ideas in heads, as opposed to others, which are payments [relating to] the past. We were much more in the DNA of future-oriented types of objectives and much more social group minded activities.”

-James Beshara, Tilt CEO

According to Beshara, one-to-one payments aren’t intended to become the app’s primary focus, but instead aims to make Tilt more of a staple in users’ minds. In an initial test, the user base with one-to-one payments enabled increased activity on the app by around 34%.

“One of the best things we’ve ever done [is] to spur more public participatory discovery content. That’s gonna be the most important thing for us, one-to-one payments in general is notoriously a low margin if any margin business. The only sense for us is ‘does it actually drive the activity and the content that we really want.’ You come into the platform and see, man, my friends are already using this. It’s very similar to other content creation platform, something like Snapchat – if only four of your friends are on it, you’ll be less likely to create content than if 40 friends are on it.”

-James Beshara

Twitter now lets advertisers create own stickers

Twitter stickers

Twitter is now letting advertisers offer sponsored stickers, which’ll appear up front in the sticker list, that users can place on their photos.

Pepsi kicks off the ad format with eight custom stickers, six of which being smiley faces, one of them being a trophy, and the last one being a Pepsi logo. Twitter will let advertisers buy either four or eight stickers at time, which will all appear in the “featured” section that first pops up when adding them to a photo.

Promoted stickers will also be searchable, so you’ll be able to quick on the Pepsi graphic to see what people are using it for.



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