TechSummit Lead #011

Editor’s Note: This is the TechSummit Lead, a daily recap of technology news that goes beyond the headlines.

  • Apple is issuing an updated version of iOS 9.2.1 for users that bricked their iPhones through ‘Error 53’ exclusively in iTunes.
  • According to Microsoft, group video calling is beginning to roll out to Skype users on the service’s iOS and Android apps with support for up to 25 people, 1080p broadcasts, and use of both the front and rear-facing cameras.
  • Apple has announced its new Trade Up With Installments plan that lets you hand over an old iPhone, Android phone, or Windows phone, apply that device’s value to a new iPhone, and pay the phone off in installments over 24 months in U.S. Apple Stores.
  • The GSMA has announced a new embedded SIM specification for smartwatches, fitness trackers, and tablets that allow you to switch carriers without swapping the physical card in your device. Samsung’s Gear 2 Classic 3G will be the first device equipped with the new technology.
  • IBM is buying Truven Health Analytics for $2.6 billion.
  • Twitter is rolling out new options to improve interactions with businesses, including the ability to add “send a private message” buttons to tweets, and the ability to privately ask for feedback after a customer service interaction.

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