Paw Print Rewind 042

Editor’s Note: This is the Paw Print Rewind, a daily recap of the top news headlines.

Volkswagen recalling 614 Skoda Superb IIIs sold in Russia

Volkswagen Skoda Superb III

Volkswagen will voluntarily recall 14 Skoda Superb III cars sold in Russia since 2015, according to Russian technical safety watchdog Rosstandart.

Video: SpaceX narrowly missed Falcon 9 rocket landing

SpaceX Falcon 9

According to a landing video posted by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on Instagram, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that exploded in a fiery explosion just after landing off the California coast descended with pinpoint accuracy onto an ocean barge before a landing leg buckled, causing the booster to tip over.

According to Musk, heavy fog may have caused condensation to collect in the latching mechanism and ice it over.

Adidas names Rorsted as new CEO


Adidas has named Kasper Rorsted as its new CEO.

Rorstead will take charge of Adidas on Oct. 1, succeeding Herbert Hainer.

“The share price reaction speaks for itself. We welcome the appointment of Mr. Rorsted to replace Mr. Hainer and hope it means an end to the long dry spell in the profitability of Adidas.”

-Ingo Speich, Union Investment fund manager



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