TechSummit Lead #006

Editor’s Note: This is the TechSummit Lead, a daily recap of the technology stories that go beyond the headlines.

  • Hulu is starting a commercial-free tier on its streaming service for $12/month.
  • Qualcomm’s core Kryo CPU in the Snapdragon 820 processor will reach up to 2.2GHz, and the SoC will be manufacturing on Samsung’s 14nm FinFET process.
  • Alibaba has rolled out its Netflix-style TBO subscription video service with a mix of Chinese and foreign movies and U.S. TV shows for $6.10/month ($57.30/year).
  • Google Drive has been updated with changes across Docs, Sheets, Forms and Mountain View’s Classroom products with teachers. Among the highlight features are dictation for 40 languages in Docs, integrated search in the app’s “Research” tool, the ability to see all new changes to a document since the last time you’re opened it; new templates for Docs, Sheets, and Slides; a refreshed Forms user interface; a new “explore” feature in Sheets to create useful charts automatically out of spreadsheet data; and a Chrome extension that lets teachers share webpages to every student with a few clicks.
  • The Google Maps API has introduced a new pay-as-you-go-model.
  • Acer has announced their R 11 Chromebook, which launches next month for $299, with an 11-inch 1366×768 display, aluminum frame, and an Intel Celeron processor.
  • Acer also introduced the Revo Build Series, which starts as a small core block and then be built upon by adding new bricks on top of it.
  • Google is adding more content, filters, and personalization to the “Explore” feature in Google Maps for Android in the US and UK.
  • YouTube MCN Machinima has settled charges from the Federal Trade Commission that alleged the network “deceived consumers” by not disclosing paid “influencers” to post videos endorsing Microsoft’s Xbox One around the time of the console’s late 2013 launch.
  • Google is now rolling out a new Gmail ad format that sits at the top of a user’s inbox to all advertisers.
  • Rapid7 researchers have found a slew of new vulnerabilities in nine modern and widely available baby monitors.

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