TechSummit Lead #005

Editor’s Note: This is the TechSummit Lead, a daily recap of the top technology stories that goes beyond the headlines.

  • Google Play Services 7.8 is now in wide release to all users, bringing the Nearby Messages API; Mobile Vision API with the ability to detect the presence, orientation, and some facial details when they are in frame on an active camera; along with a new API for identifying and reading barcodes; and Google Cloud Messaging API enhancements that add priority options to better handle messages with different urgency and localization support to give users notifications that are appropriate for them.
  • Akamai Technologies has won an almost decade-long patent infringement fight with Limelight Networks over ways to store and deliver video content online.
  • Google has scrapped its plans to use Puerto Rico as the initial test market for Project Ara, but the company intends to continue development of the modular smartphone program.
  • Messaging startup Slack has announced a new integration for its Standard and Plus plan customers that brings email to your Slack channels.
  • Apple has added a new data restore feature for that enables users to rollback accidentally deleted documents, calendar changes, and contacts.

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