UK citizens asked to record shore sounds

The UK’s National Trust is asking UK citizens to record the sounds of the country’s beaches to create an audio archive.

The trust wants thousands of recordings uploaded to a digital map that will be curated by the British Library.

The sounds of the coastline are constantly changing, according to the National Trust, and the project will create an audio snapshot for future generations to hear.

Recordings could include man-made sounds like a busy port, according to British Library curator of wildlife & environmental sounds Cheryl Tipp.

The “Sounds of our shores” project is a joint venture between the National Trust, which protects historic places in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the National Trust for Scotland, and the British Library.

Martyn Ware, a musician who was a founding member of The Human League and Heaven 17 bands, will use submitted sounds to create a piece of music that will launch in February.

“I’ve had a deep connection with the coast all of my life.

“As a kid growing up in Sheffield, we’d go on family holidays to Scarborough or Skegness; I can still remember the sounds that filled our days at the seaside.”

-Martyn Ware, musician

Submitted sounds could include “someone wrestling with putting up a deck chair, the sounds of a fish and chip shop, or a busy port,” according to Tipp.

“We’d also love to hear from people that might have historic coastal sounds, which might be stored in a box in the loft.”

-Cheryl Tipp, British Library curator of wildlife & environmental sounds

The recordings will be valuable to future generations and would “bring back memories” for years to come, according to National Trust area ranger Kate Martin.

Recordings can be uploaded, as well as photos and text to Audioboom until September 21st.

Afterwards, all sounds recorded around the UK’s 10,800 miles of coastline will be added to the British Library’s Sound Archive, joining 6.5 million other recordings that date back to the 19th century.

Source: BBC


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