New monthly series: The Silk Road

Looks like something that would go well on CNN with Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

CNN Commentary

Hosted by CNN’s Delhi-based international correspondent, Sumnima Udas, The Silk Road: Past, Present, and Future, is coming to CNN. It will be a new monthly series, airing on Thursdays. It’s being billed as “part business show, part travelogue.”

Via the press release…

CNN is embarking on a major new series spanning the length and breadth of the world’s most important and historic trade route – The Silk Road.

‘The Silk Road: Past, Present, Future’ will uncover how the cultural traditions and commercial trading synonymous with this iconic route between East and West are playing into the innovations and developments of today.

Each month, CNN International correspondent Sumnima Udas will visit a different country along The Silk Road uncovering remarkable stories of innovation, culture and business. The format of the 30-minute show will combine the modern world with intelligent historical context that brings the region alive with colour, culture and…

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