CNNMoney Media relaunches

An interesting look at how CNN straddles the line between broadcast and digital

CNN Commentary

CNN’s media blog, headed up by senior media correspondent Brian Stelter, has relanuched today. In a note about the relaunch, quoted below, Stelter writes in part, that his is a three-part job, with Reliable Sources coming first, followed by reporting, making videos, and editing for CNN Media, and lastly, covering the media stories on the CNN channels (CNN, CNNI, HLN).

Wherever there’s change, there are good stories to be told. And right now there is dizzying change happening across the media business, affecting journalists, media moguls and entrepreneurs alike.

That’s the impetus for CNN Media, a new team of reporters, producers and editors within CNNMoney. Today we’re showing off a new section front, at, with a unique design that makes the site stand out.

What makes the site really stand out, though, is reporting. The relaunch of the section is a chance to brag a little bit.


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