Microsoft updates Office Mix with slide notes, closed captioning

Office Mix, Microsoft’s PowerPoint plugin that allows for presentations to be recorded and uploaded, gained slide notes and closed captioning support.

Slide notes work similarly to notecards that people use in typical presentations, according to Microsoft. Users can type out each slide’s most important points, and they will appear in a translucent text box at the top of the screen while recording.

Also included is support for closed captioning support. While it’s not a new idea, closed captioning can open presentations up to the hearing-impaired, serve as a learning aid or supplement the audio for users viewing a presentation in a noisy environment.

To add closed captioning in a mix, check the box to create a video when uploading a mix. Then, download the video and utilize a third-party service to create a TTML file from your video. Once that file is ready, go to the mix’s details, select the Upload TTML File link and upload the closed caption file.

Source: Windows Central


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