Kobo Glo HD offers Kindle Voyage specs at $70 price cut

Kobo’s new Glo HD e-reader will boast the claim of having the highest resolution at the lowest cost when it launches on May 1.

The newest piece of hardware from Rakuten-owned Kobo offers a 300ppi 6-inch screen, which matches the $199.99 Kindle Voyage’s resolution, and should lead to crisp, pixel-free rendering of text.

In fact, both e-readers use E-Ink’s Carta screen technology, which gives text rendering similar to what’s found on modern smart devices, albeit using the low-power e-paper tech that the segment has become infamous for.

The Glo HD also features Kobo’s ComfortLight tech, which provides built-in lighting for nighttime reading sessions. Other specs include a 1GHz processor and 4GB of on-board storage (again, like the Voyage) It weighs 180 grams (getting the pattern here?) and measures 157x115x9.2mm (slightly shorter and thicker than Amazon’s flagship e-reader).

The Voyage still one-ups it in two areas: having automatic lighting adjustment based on ambient lighting conditions, and page turn pressure buttons on the bezel. Kobo’s options also only feature WiFi connectivity, with no cellular option.

Source: TechCrunch


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