Evernote 7.7 for iOS brings improved camera functionality

The latest version of Evernote for iOS, version 7.7, adds a new camera inspired by sister app Scannable.

Evernote’s camera automatically detects and captures business cards, documents, Post-it Notes, and receipts. Hover your phone over what you’d like to capture, and the app detects the edge and what type of paper it is before creating a digital reproduction. Evernote also auto-files the image in a designated notebook.

Evernote-Camera-Roll-20150331-173751-576x1024Before you save an image, Evernote’s new built-in tools allow you to rotate, crop or reclassify an image.

The app detects when you’re scanning a business card and pulls in current information from LinkedIn to create a detailed contact note (when you connect your LinkedIn and Evernote accounts). You can even email your contact information to your new acquaintance and connect with them on LinkedIn right from the new note. Scanning a business card requires Evernote Premium, but the first five-card scans are free.

With manual mode, you can simply take pictures of what matters to you – photos of your ideas or inspirations in any form, and then process as you like. If selfies are your thing, you can use the iPhone’s front-facing camera.

In this update, all options you had for Post-It Notes still apply. Now, capturing the photo will automatically categorize your Post-it Notes into your specified notebooks and assign them with to-dos based on their color.


You can now toggle between taking pictures with the camera and the Camera Roll to add images to your notes. You can also start a Work Chat from the app’s homescreen.

In addition to improved camera functionality, numerous bug fixes and improvements got addressed.

Source: Evernote Blog


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