Couchbase will launch ‘SQL for documents’ this summer

Couchbase, a startup selling commercially supported NoSQL database software, will introduce its subscription database this summer, a tool for querying that’s compatible with the SQL query language.

For more than a year, the system has been available in developer previews under the name N1QL, but it will ship as part of Couchbase Server under the name SQL for Documents, according to Couchbase president and CEO Bob Wiederhold.

The feature is a differentiator in the context of other NoSQL startups, including MongoDB, which pushes the MongoDB open-source document database, according to Wiederhold. DataStax, with its Cassandra open-source columnar database, points to the Cassandra Query Language, which is similar to SQL, but is
not SQL-based,” Wiederhold said.

The startup also announced that version 4.0 of Couchbase Server, when it launches this summer, will be able to do “multi-dimensional scaling.” Developers will be able to direct the database to build indices and run queries on fewer servers, instead of spanning out across many of them.


“As a result, you’re going to get dramatically higher performance for indexing and querying.”

Source: VentureBeat


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