MD shootings: Suspect’s divorce petition dismissed this week

The man accused of firing at five Maryland public places learned his petition for dismissed at the height of the shooting streak.

35-year-old Hong Young, of Beltsville, got word of the case dismissal Monday, the same days calls reported that shots fired at a Walmart and a central Maryland movie theater. Young chose targets at random, according to authorities, including a building on the National Security Agency’s campus.

No one died or was seriously hurt.

Police captured Young without incident Tuesday night, ending a manhunt that evoked memories of two snipers who killed 10 people in 2002 in the Washington area. They were still investigating a motive, according to law enforcement officials on Wednesday.

T.J. Smith, Anne Arundel police official:

“Clearly, he was continuing to do it until he got caught. This guy apparently has some other issues going on (that) our detectives continue to follow-up on.”

Young filed for divorce in September after nearly seven years of marriage. The case dismissed Monday because his wife, Bunnary Ngo, wasn’t served with documents in the case, according to Prince George’s County court records.

Also Wednesday, Prince George’s County police found hundreds of rounds of ammunition in a search of Young’s house, according to the department, along with ten weapons including several handguns and a crossbow.

Joy Abraham, 65, who lives across from Hong’s two-story red brick home:

“He never speaks. He walks around with his head down.”

Young has been under police guard at a hospital since being taken into custody, according to Smith. Authorities didn’t know whether he had an attorney.

Stephen Moyer, Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services secretary:

“There was nothing significant about his employment. He was assigned to one of the medium (security) facilities in Jessup. He resigned. There was nothing remarkable about his life.”

Two Anne Arundel officers took Young into custody Tuesday night after spotting a car near the site of the first shooting. Stores closed, so the vehicle’s presence was suspicious, according to Smith. The officers approached the car and saw shell casings and a handgun inside, according to police.

Investigators matched the casings and .380 semi-automatic handgun to last week’s shooting. The gun was legally registered to Young. One person was hurt by broken glass from a vehicle window in that case. Another person was similarly injured Tuesday in a shooting along a busy highway.

No one was hurt in a second shooting Tuesday at a NSA building, or during Monday’s shootings. The sites are all within a 12-mile radius in the Baltimore-Washington area.


“We’re fortunate we’re not talking about death. Buildings were fired upon. That tales you into a little peek inside the mindset of this individual.”

The random shootings had many remembering the sniper streak in 2002, according to Anne Arundel County chief Timothy Altomare.

Source: USA Today


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