Three New Republic staffers join the Huffington Post

Greg Veis, Rachel Morris and Jonathan Cohn, three former The New Republic staffers, who were part of a mass exodus of the magazine late last year, have joined The Huffington Post.

The trio will oversee a push by the AOL-owned site into longer articles and investigations. In a memo, founder Arianna Huffington, said the three would help “bring long-form journalism to a new audience.”

Veis, Morris and Cohn left The New Republic in early December after editor Franklin Foer and longtime literary editor Leon Wieseltier resigned from the organization. They resigned after news emerged that New Republic owner Chris Hughes, a Facebook founder who bought the magazine in 2012, was in talks to replace Foer.

Shortly afterwards, several New Republic alumni, including Sidney Blumenthal and Hendrik Hertzberg, issued a statement lamenting the “destruction” of the magazine.The New Republic’s next issue was canceled, but the magazine returned to newsstands Feb. 2 under its new owner Gabriel Snyder, a former The Atlantic Wire and Gawker editor.

Wieseltier joined The Atlantic as a contributing editor and critic.

The Huffington Post, which celebrates its 10th birthday this year, will continue to hire for its new initiative, which has been described as a new version of The New Republic (ironically enough).

The site also has general plans to expand its own reporting capacity, as its contract with the Associated Press wire service ends this year.

Source: The New York Times


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