Florida medical marijuana supporters seek 2016 ballot measure

Florida voters rejected a November measure that would have allowed medical use of marijuana, with 58% of Floridians voting in the measure’s favor. The measure required 60% approval.

Supporters of legal medical marijuana in the Sunshine state are seeking a new ballot measure in 2016 to allow medical cannabis. They hope that their ballot measure puts pressure on Florida lawmakers to introduce legislation for legalized pot.

John Morgan, Chair of People United for Medical Marijuana:

“The language and the essence of the amendment is essentially the same… What I would say is that we have tweaked or clarified positions that were constantly brought up by our opposition to help us talk more freely about the real issue, which is the legalization of medical marijuana.”

Morgan, who is pushing for the 2016 ballot measure, is the same Orlando-based attorney that spent $4 million pushing for legalized medical cannabis in 2014.

Unlike the 2014 measure, the language for the 2016 ballot language will explicitly say that minors can only obtain prescriptions with parental consent. It will also say that doctors will be held liable if they wrongly issue prescriptions.

Source: Circa 


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