Evernote launches Penultimate 6 for iPad

Penultimate has been redesigned for the iPad with the goal to “show us what handwriting on an iPad should be.” Let’s breakdown the new features.

Infinite Paper

Each page is as long as it needs to be, just keep scrolling down using two fingers. All of your thoughts on a topic or notes from a meeting stay together and are easy to find. For Evernote users, this makes a page in Penultimate feel like one in the company’s flagship app.

New Toolbar, New Tools

There are only two small options visible as you write in Penultimate. Tap the pen icon to expand the redesigned toolbar. Tap on tools to reveal additional options like colors and thickness. There’s also a new highlighter available.

Paper Collections

You have your choice of several different backgrounds for your notes, including lines, dots and grids. Penutlimate also has seven additional paper collections available through the app’s Paper Shop. If any of those don’t tickle your fancy, you can also create your own.

Great Zoom

Zoom is “better than ever.” Pinch into an area of the screen to create a zoom box (You may have to pinch twice if you’re using a stylus). Tap the play button to have the zoom box drift along with your writing, or reposition the box manually.

Built with Evernote

Everything in Penultimate syncs with Evernote. Not only will this allow you to view your handwriting across all of Evernote’s apps, but it also adds the app’s handwriting search so that you can find what you’re looking for in Penultimate.

New Look, New Options

Instead of bound notebooks, there are easy to tap circles. Tap to hold on a notebook to bring up additional options. The tap and hold gesture also works on individual notes to let you share and delete them.

Source: Evernote


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