Dataminr announces North American launch of Dataminr for News

Dataminr has announced the North American commercial launch of Dataminr for News, a product that was first announced earlier this year with CNN and Twitter.

This commercial release provides journalists with the “most sophisticated technology” for detecting and verifying breaking information on Twitter in real-time, and includes the launch of a new mobile application which delivers alerts to journalists wherever they happen to be. Dataminr for News also integrates with TweetDeck, a Twitter product widely used by journalists, enabling the service’s users to receive their alerts in a dedicated TweetDeck column.

Dataminr will be collaborating closely with Twitter’s news partnership team, which has “been an integral part” of the product development process, to bring Dataminr for News to more North American news organizations. Dataminr for News is available through Dataminr in combination with other Twitter product offerings and available at a discounted rate for Twitter’s preferred news partners.

Dataminr’s leading development partners have expanding from CNN since the initial announce to the BBC, The Weather Channel, USA Today, Atlanta’s WXIA-TV and The Des Moines Register. Since its original announcement, Dataminr for News is now used in trials at over 50 news organizations, where Dataminr’s technology is being used by thousands of journalists daily.

Ted Bailey, Dataminr founder and CEO

“Partnering with our pilot news organizations — CNN, BBC, The Weather Channel, USA Today and Gannett’s Atlanta affiliate — has given us a tremendous opportunity to work closely with news organizations on a global, national and local level and to fine tune our capacity for delivering relevant information to newsrooms in real-time.

“I’m thrilled to be able to announce today that we will be expanding this offering to even more newsrooms and look forward to Dataminr for News becoming an essential part of the daily toolkit of all journalists.”

Beryl Love, USA Today Network national news desk executive editor:

“More and more, Twitter is the place where eye-witness accounts and images of breaking news events are revealed in real time. but by itself, Twitter’s flood of information can be overwhelming. Dataminr successfully harnesses Twitter’s feed, turning it into a vital tool for our digital journalists. It gives us a jump when news breaks.”

Richard Griffiths, CNN VP and senior editorial director:

“Over the past year, Dataminr has become an essential tool that our journalists rely on. Matching CNN’s global resources with Dataminr’s real-time, worldwide scope has been a uniquely powerful news-breaking combination.”

Neil Katz, The Weather Channel’s vice president/editor-in-chief of digital

“Dataminr has become a powerful tool for The Weather Channel as major news events increasingly break and are documented on social media. The tool is particularly useful at discovering social gems from an avalanche of noise.”

Dataminr for News will formally launch in areas outside of North America early this year.

Source: Dataminr


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