Thirty-four Bosnian coal miners trapped underground after earthquake

Thirty-four Bosnian coal miners were trapped half a kilometer (546.8 yards) underground after an earthquake triggered a rock burst, leaving rescue teams struggling to clear debris to reach them.

The 3.5 magnitude earthquake hit the central town of Zenica, causing rocks in the nearby Raspotocje mine to fracture half an hour later, blocking parts of the mine, according to officials.

The rock burst was the third this year at the mine, with the previous two injuring 16 miners, according to Zenica mines general manager Esad Civic.

Civic to regional television:

“Out of 56 miners who worked in the afternoon shift, 22 have left the pit while 34 remain trapped.

“We have carried out all activities to assess the air quality, reduce the quantities of methane and pipe in enough air.”

The Raspotocje mine produces coal for Bosnia’s largest power utility, EPBiH.

Source: Reuters


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