Sprint offers new value with $80, $90 Family Share Pack plans

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Sprint has reduced the data access charge on the $80 and $90 Family Share Pack plans to $25 per month per line.

Competitive Comparison

Tom Roberts, Sprint’s senior vice president of Marketing:

“Sprint stands by its commitment to offer customers the best value in wireless, providing more data for the same price or less than our competitors. We want customers to know that when they sign up for service at Sprint that they are getting the best value when compared to other national wireless carriers.”

How does it work?

Customers can build their own plan in three steps:

  1. Choose the shared data allowance. For example, it’s $80 per month for 12GB or $90 a month for up to 10 lines.
  2. Add data access for phones with unlimited text and talk on the Sprint network. The data access charge for non-discounted phones is $15 per month per line for 12GB to 120GB plans.
  3. Add your tablet devices for $10 a month per line and mobile broadband devices for $20 per month per line

“Best Value in Wireless”

Sprint’s Family Share Pack offers the “best value for families who want shared data.” In addition to the new promotion, Sprint is still offering a limited-time promotion on the Family Share Pack, giving a family with up to 10 lines 20GB of shared data and unlimited text and talk when they switch to the carrier for $100 a month through next year after the waived access charges.

In addition, for a limited time, customers who bring their number and activate on the Family Share Pack, Sprint will buy out their families’ contracts with a Visa Prepaid Card valued at up to $250. The offer is available at Sprint stores and Sprint Telesales.

Source: Sprint


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