Garmin’s Vivosmart is an activity tracker with smart notifications

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Garmin has announced the vívosmart (pronounced veevo-smart), a stylish activity tracker with smart notifications. Stay on track with health and wellness goals while staying connected with vívosmart’s vibration alerts for calls, texts, calendar reminders, emails and more from a smartphone.

Like the vívofit and Forerunner 15, vívosmart gets to know users’ current activity levels and nudges them toward a more active lifestyle with personalized daily goals, and reminds them when it’s time to move. Its touchscreen displays the time of day, number of steps you’ve taken, distance, calories, move bar, goal countdown among other things.

Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales:

“With its activity tracking features, additional workout support including timed activities, and smart notifications vívosmart is like having a personal coach and assistant right on your wrist. It challenges and motivates users to stay active and create lifelong healthy habits, while keeping them connected to family, friends, work, and more.”

Staying Active

The vívosmart features a lightweight curved band with a 5 ATM water rating and battery life of up to seven days so you rarely have to take it off. The band’s seamless surface remains discreet on users’wrists with a hidden OLED display that comes to life to show incoming notifications. Users can also activate the display by display pages to see the time and date, steps taken, distance, calories, step countdown to a personalized daily goal, move bar, messages received and more.

The move bar features five segments that begin to fill in after one hour of inactivity, and a timer that lets users know exactly how long they have been inactive. As the segments fill in, vívosmart vibrates and displays the move bar alert, encouraging users to stay consistently active throughout the day. Walking around for a few minutes will reset the move bar.

Staying Connected

Move more and miss less with vívosmart’s vibration alerts displaying notifications of incoming text messages, emails, calls, calendar reminders and more when in range of a paired Bluetooth smart device. With a gentle vibration, vívosmart vibrate and silently alert them it’s time to start their day — without disrupting others.

Vívosmart automatically syncs with the Garmin Connect Mobile app when in range of a compatible Bluetooth device, so users can check in throughout the day to view reports on activity progress, total sleep hours, periods of movement and restful sleep, and more. Users can also earn virtual badges for extra motivation, and join online challenges.

While in the app, users can link their account with MyFitnessPal account to easily view an exact count of calories burned and consumed, and see their net count for the rest of the day based on calorie goals set in MyFitnessPal — giving them a complete picture of their daily activity and nutrition.

Vívosmart is available for preorder at Best Buy stores and now in berry, purple, blue, black and slate in a small or large band size for $169.99 with just the band and $199.99 (with the heart rate monitor bundle).

Source: Garmin


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