Window washers rescued from scaffolding at 1 World Trade Center

Firefighers recused two window washers who became suspended 69 stories above Lower Manhattan while working at the newly completed 1 World Trade Center.

The workers, who were harnessed to the scaffolding of the window-washing equipment, were uninjured, according to authorities.

Shortly before 2PM, firefighters cut a hole through a window near the platform and then assembling inside, where they pulled the windows to safety.

The window washers were lowered from the top of the building before their machine malfunctioned shortly before 1PM.

It could be seendangling precariously from the building’s south side. Crowds gathered on the streets below as dozens of firefighters rushed to the scene.

There was a light wind, orf about seven miles per hour. Slick conditions due to rain could have complicated the rescue efforts.

At 1,776 feet tall, 1 WTC is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

James McDonnell, 32, who was looking out of his 31st floor window around 12:30PM when the scaffolding got stuck:

“The sunlight was shining off the building in a remarkable way.”

He snapped a few pictures and then saw the window-washing bucket sitting at a weird angle.


“And then it kind of lurched.”

It seemed like one of the cables snapped, according to McDonnell.

Roman Castro, a window washer in the local 32BJ Union, reminiscing on a time he was stuck on the side of a bulding for five hours:

“I just hope they’re calm. It’s a very dangerous job.”

Source: The New York Times



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