Evernote Conference 2014 recap: Part 1

From sitting at your desk to contributing in meetings and projects with your team, Evernote is “invested in your workday.” The company believes that it is their role to “build an experience that actively contributes to your professional success.” Their latest updates announced during the company’s 4th annual Evernote Conference aims to “help you do your best work yet.”

Work Chat

Work Chat

When you’re typing away at your desk, setting strategy with the group, and figuring out solutions in between, Evernote makes collaborating with colleagues “simpler than ever” with Work Chat. This new feature lets you have quick conversations with anyone, right in Evernote, so you can “get the feedback you need without ever leaving your workspace.”

Work Chat also “gives you an awareness of what each person is working on” by showing you activity in your shared notes and notebooks, so “when you start a chat you know you’ll be on the same page.” And to make sharing even better, the company’s made editable shared notebooks free for all users, so you can “start working more productively on projects with your team right away.”


Work Chat will be launching on the Evernote app on all major platforms later this fall.



Start doing your “highest quality work” with a new Premium & Business feature called Context. All you have to do is type, and helpful information automatically “flows into your workspace to help you see the big picture.”

Context surfaces related notes from your past work, relevant people you can connect with on LinkedIn, and critical news and information from sources around the web, including one of the most trusted brands on Earth: the Wall Street Journal.

If you’re an Evernote Business user, you’ll also have additional access to premium services like Factiva, related notes from the business, and results from Expertise Search, which suggests coworkers who may know more.

Context will be launching in the Evernote app on all major platforms later this fall.

Evernote Web


The company’s new web client has been completely redesigned to “bring focus to your work.” It all starts with a much simpler layout that provides an amazing writing experience. The tools and options you need appear only when you need them, otherwise remaining tucked neatly away for a “beautiful workspace with minimal distraction.”

 Navigating your account is also easier in the new Web client. The sidebar design has gotten much cleaner, as Evernote’s given tags and notebooks a much-needed home. The simplicity of getting around the web client is “even more apparent” when you search — everything else fades away so you can “focus on finding the note you need.”

Evernote Web is available now in beta form by logging into the web client and opting in when prompted after sign-in.

Presentation Mode


As part of the updates coming soon to the company’s Mac and iOS apps, Evernote is also launching a redesigned experience for Presentation Mode that “makes showing your work in meetings even easier.”

Right away, you’ll notice that the way Presentation Mode automatically formats your notes has greatly improved. Images appear beautifully in full-bleed, and tables are styled to “stand out boldly.”

For the times when you need to make a few tweaks to the automatic layout, Evernote’s also built a new visual layout editor that makes it easy to “present your note just the way you want to in a few clicks.” Dragging and dropping screen breaks splits up text and also intelligently creates titles and footers for images and tables.

The redesigned Presentation Mode will be available later this year.

Penultimate & Scannable


The company’s popular handwritten app for iPad, Penultimate, is getting a complete redesign. Top to bottom, every aspect of the app is rebuilt and reconsidered with a focus on “creating the most lifelike writing experience,” combinated with all of the expected advanced capabilities. Evernote’s also enhancing the connection between the app and the company’s cobranded Adonit Jot Script Stylus.


The company is expanding its scanning experience with a new mobile app known as Scannable. It’s the “quickest and most intuitive mobile scanning app we’ve ever seen,” plus it’s a companion to the cobranded ScanSnap Evernote Edition desktop scanner. For the on-the-go experience, the company’s goal is to “transform business cards and receipts into something immediately actionable and sharable.” When you’re back at your desk, the app lets you control the desktop scanner and allows others on your network to scan, turning the ScanSnap Evernote Edition into an Evernote-friendly office scanner.

 Penultimate and Scannable will be available later this year. The latter is available now in beta if yoiu’d like an early look at what’s in store.

Evernote Market


The company is “further elevating the physical workspace by taking on functional and design gaps” at the desk.

 Evernote worked alongside Eric Pfeiffer for months to craft a trio of desktop platforms for your desktop, laptop or tablet. Let’s take a detailed look at them:

  •  Laptop platform: Replace your plain vanilla laptop stand with a “richer, warmer statement.” Formed of walnut bent ply, this stand holds 13” or 15” laptops “steady in style.” Stash small items in the curved front trough and slot cables through the back.
  • Tablet platform: Crafted from walnut bent ply, the platform’s organic curves offer a “stable resting place” for viewing and working with your tablet
  • Monitor platform: Same design details, bigger dimensions to hold your computer monitor steady. A handy curved front tray holds your phone, tablet or small desktop objects, and a rear cable channel keeps your cords “neatly managed.”


The company also announced the latest fruit of its partnership with Moleskine: the Evernote 2015 Weekly Planner by Moleskine (it’s a mouthful).

 Here’s a quick tour of the features that make this product “a must-have for mapping out your most productive year yet.”

  •  The best laid plans: The Planner’s layout is “ingeniously handy.” On the left, a weekly schedule to track appointments, on the right, dot ruled pages for jotting notes. In the back, an interior pocket to stash items like business cards and receipts.
  • More productivity with Premium: Get off to an “even more productive start” with three months of Evernote Premium, complientary with each Planner. With Premium, you get features like the previously mentioned Presentation Mode, four times larger notes, and offline access to all your content on mobile devices.
  • Check yourself: If you have a particially busy day planned in the week to come, you can check the box adjacent to that day to set a reminder in Evernote. That way, you’ll be reminded of your most important to-dos in two places rather than one.
  • A picture worth a thousand words: Like the rest of the company’s Moleskine co-branded products available in the Evernote Market, you can use the app’s camera to digitize and organize key pages from the Planner directly into Evernote.
  • Search, find, share: Evernote’s search immediately finds your handwriting, from daily calendar entries to meeting notes. This means you don’t need to transcribe your notes. Just collect them in Evernote, find them by entering a single word, and share them with your team as needed.
  • Organize with tags: If your rely on tags to organize in Evernote, you’ll appreciate how this feature extends to the Planner. Just note whether an appointment is for work or home to create a tag, then capture it in Evernote.

The Evernote 2015 Weekly Planner by Moleskine is available now in the Evernote Market.

 Source: Evernote


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