David Cohn out at Circa, Anthony De Rosa promoted to company’s editorial head

Circa is “entering an exciting new chapter” in his history, and today a planned leadership changeover is being executed as the digital news startup “takes on our biggest growth phase to date.”
As it stands right now, David Cohn, the company’s founding editor established the vision that helped the publication “develop its unique, specialized editorial strategy” that separates Circa from other news organizations. Anthony De Rosa, who joined to become the company’s Editor-in-Chief roughly a year and a half ago, with the goal of eventually succeeding Cohn as Circa’s editorial head.
With the launch of Circa News 3 and “the right opportunity for David presenting itself,” that transition is now being executed.
The editorial structure of the company going forward is:

  • De Rosa leading the company’s editorial vision and goals as Editor-in-Chief
  • Evan Buxbaum becoming Deputy Editor, focusing on managing Circa’s West Coast editorial operations. Buxbaum was the company’s first intern and “helped us shape what Circa’s editorial process would become before the app launched.”
  • Daniel Bentley as Senior Editor and will also interface with John Maloney as Business Development Liaison. Bentley has been with the company since the app’s first version launched
David Cohn will continue with Circa for “a bit of time” to ensure a smooth transition, after which he’ll become an executive with a company that’s “trying to reimagine broadcast journalism like we did with written news.
Source: Circa

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