LG at IFA 2014: Televisions and a Wearable

At IFA 2014, LG unveiled a “spectacular product lineup to demonstrate just how integrated LG has become in consumers’ lives.” Under the Innovation for a Better Life theme, LG will look to further position itself as a brand that delivers a “refined, smart user experience” across its entire lineup of products, including the “world’s first commercial 4K OLED TV” and G Watch R.

Wayne Park, LG Electronics executive vice president and Global Sales and Marketing Officer:

“What consumers really desire is to live a better life without giving up the technology that more often than not makes our lives more complex. People want technology in their homes and with them at all times, but the side effect of this desire is often more complexity. LG is prepared to show consumers our most advanced innovations in Berlin that were developed with the sole purpose to make people’s lives better and more convenient.”



Another technological breakthrough on the horizon is LG’s flexible 77-inch OLED TV that allows viewers to adjust the degree of curvature depending on the size of the audience or type of content being viewed. This “advanced OLED TV” automatically optimizes sound and picture quality to match the degree of curvature. LG also unveiled a new 55-inch curved OLED TV featuring a stand studded with Swarovski crystals. The shimmering crystals complement the “brilliant, accurate colors” produced by LG’s self-lighting pixels resulting in “elegance beyond compare.”

LG showcased its comprehensive Ultra HD TV collection, with panels measuring 49, 55, 65, 79, 84, 98 and 105 inches. Thanks to the LG IPS 4K panel which provides “accurate color reproduction and a wide viewing angle,” customers can watch these TVs from “almost any angle without detecting even a hint of color wash or contrast loss.” The 105-inch curved Ultra HD TV with a Cinema Scope 21:9 ratio screen features 5K 5120×2160 resolution that packs 30 percent more pixels than 4K TVs. This TV’s massive screen will provide viewers with a “true cinematic experience” with its 7.2 channels and 150-watt sound system.


All LG Ultra HD TVs will present plenty of 4K content as a result of various partnerships with providers like Netflix, Amazon and Wuaki as well as Ultra HD programming for European consumers through partnerships with Filmbox Live, Maxdom, videociety and Okko. LG also demonstrated the “world’s first Ultra HD content streaming exclusive” on LG’s Hybrid Broadcast Broadcand TV in collaboration with France Television. And with LG’s True 4K Engine, standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) content can be upscaled to near-4K quality for greater viewing pleasure.

Featured in all of the company’s OLED and Ultra HD TVs, LG’s webOS delivers “easier content searching and discovery,” allowing users to switch “seamlessly” between apps, services, live broadcasts and content stored on external devices. With the help of mascot BeanBird, webOS makes configuring and conencting the TV a “stress-free propsition.”

As an added surprise, LG unveiled its first 8K 7680×4320 TV, a 98-inch unit that boasts 16 times the resolution of HD and four times that of conventional 4K TV.



Following in the footsteps of the G Watch, LG is aiming to become a leader in the wearables space by fusing “classical design with progressive technology.” The new LG G Watch R is the “world’s first watch-style wearable to feature a full circle Plastic OLED display that utilizes 100 percent of the watch face.” LG’s newest Android Wear wearable features a classic look encased in a stainless steel frame with a collection of watch faces that are accessible at the touch of a finger.

Source: LG


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