Acer at IFA 2014: Convertibles, Hybrids, Tablets and a Smartphone

Acer took to the IFA 2014 stage today to unveil its product lineup for the upcoming holiday season. The new products include two convertible notebooks, two hybrids, three tablets and a smartphone. Let’s break down the announcements:


Acer announced the Aspire R13 and Aspire R14 Series Wednesday at IFA, two convertible notebook lines that can transition between various notebook and tablet style modes of operation. Both notebooks are designed for those who don’t want to give up a traditional notebook design, but want more options and flexibility.

Jason Chen, Acer President and CEO:

“Acer’s goal is to deliver an experience consistently beyond everyone’s expectation at all price points. These new Aspire convertibles are the perfect device to sit in the middle of your mobile world — a device that is both portable and capable of efficient productivity.”

Aspire R13


The Aspire R13 Series features Acer’s Ezel Aero hinge that allows the display to rotate into six different positions. All models can also be used by the optional Acer Active Pen.

Less than one inch thin and just over three pounds, the lightweight Aspire R13 Series incorporates the aforementioned Ezel Aero hinge that provides both “flexibility and stability.” The 13.3-inch display is affixed to this hinge at the sides, which allows the screen to rotate 180 degrees so it can be used in six different ways. This quick and effortless way to transition between various modes gives it the “productivity features of a traditional clamshell notebook with the convenience of a tablet.” Acer’s patented dual-torque system hinge keeps the display stable and in place when touch navigation is used. It is attached to a forged U frame, which also helps to “enhance stiffness while maintaining the notebook’s slim design.” Here’s a run-through of the modes:


  • Notebook mode: provides a “precise and spacious” keyboard for maximum productivity
  • Ezel mode: brings the display close for convenient reading and web browsing
  • Stand mode: makes it easy to draw a flow chart, take notes, brainstorm with others or edit artwork. The stand is “sturdy enough” for drawing and other touchscreen interactions.
  • Pad mode: enables the R13 to be used as a tablet for web browsing, playing games or watching videos. The screen fits “perfectly” in the chassis frame, so it’s “streamlined and easy-to-hold.”
  • Tent mode: the ideal position when space is limited, such as an airplane’s seatback tray.
  • Display mode: good for viewing photos and video or playing games with others.


The Aspire R13’s touchscreen and outer lid are both encased in a “slim, but strong” sheet of Gorilla Glass 3, making them “tough yet beautiful.”

Available in either super high-resolution (2560×1440 WQHD) or full high-definition (1920×1080 FHD), photos, videos, games and presentations are “strikingly vivid and detailed; text is sharp and crystal clear.” Both display options include Zero Air Gap technology, which ensures “vivid, lifelike visuals,” while “reducing reflections, increasing contrast, creating bright and crisp images and improving readability in sunlight.” FHD models feature IPS technology, which provide wide viewing angles, making them ideal for sharing movies and photos or for work presentations.

In addition, anti-fingerprint technology helps eliminate smudges and makes the display easier to clean, while anti-reflective technology minimizes reflections and improves the display’s contrast. A built-in light sensor automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness to “enhance the screen image, making it easier to see and read based on the ambient lighting in the room.”

The Acer Aspire R13 Series can also be used with the company’s Active Pen for drawing, creating and collaborating. The pen comes with a pressure sensor for professional drawing and a hover sensor for easy access to functions. It also supports palm rejection so users can write on the screen comfortably. With “great accuracy and sensitivity,” the Acer Active Pen can be used as a computer mouse, with the upper and lower buttons serving as the left and right buttons on a mouse, respectively.

The pen works with Acer’s Hover Access application, which is pre-installed on all models, and features several uses for work or play: note-taking, painting and editing. Simply hover the pen closely over the display for the sensor to detect, and then click on the pen’s side button to launch apps: Acer Screen Grasp as well as Microsoft OneNote, Windows Journal, Microsoft Sticky Note and Microsoft Fresh Paint.

The R13 Series also features the Acer Touch Tools app, which includes the aforementioned Screen Grasp feature:


  • Acer Screen Grasp– Allows any image to be easily captured, personalized and shared to social networks or pasted to documents
  • Acer AccuFinger– Helps accurately place the cursor in text documents and acquire tiny items on the screen when using fingers


In addition to its innovative features, the R13 Series includes powerful internals, making them “fast and responsive for a wide variety of work and entertainment uses.” Models offer Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, up to 1TB SSDs with RAID-0 support and up to 8GB of RAM. Leading audio features include Dolby Digital Plus Home Theatre for “cinematic surround sound” and Acer Purifified Voice, a combination of a dual-array microphone, voice recognition and audio processing. It is also Skype certified, which ensures video chats, conference calls, VoIP calls and voice commands are “always crystal clear.” To keep the Aspire R13 cool and quiet, it boasts an advanced dual air-intake design for “comfortable and noise-free computing. Models with a FHD display also offer up to eight hours of battery life.

The Acer Aspire R13 Series will be available in October with prices starting at $899.99 in the Americas, in November for Europe starting at €899 and in Asia.

Aspire R14


The R14 Series of convertible notebooks features a 360 degree dual-torque hinge that allows it to be used in four usage modes.

Acer’s R14 notebook makes it “easy top lay, share, display or work.” Its clean, refined design incorporates a 360 degree dual-torque hinge design that allows effortless transformation into four different modes for productivity and entertainment needs — notebook, pad, display or tent (all of which are covered above).

Acer’s inventive 360 degree dual-torque hinge design delivers the “perfect amount of touch resistance.” In addition, the hinge design allows the lid to be laid completely flat without any gap between the chassis and lid. Collaboration and sharing are made easier when the display is laid completely flat. In tablet mode, the display can be flipped over and lays completely flat against the chassis as well, for a “clean, streamlined design.” When the notebook is used in display mode, the hinge raises slightly from the rest of the system, preventing the keyboard from touching a table or other surface. For convenience, the images and sounds on the R14 automatically reverse channels when the modes are switched, so they’re “always aimed the right way.”

The R14 features a 14-inch 1366×768 HD display with Zero Air Gap technology, which helps to eliminate reflections in sunlight, resulting in higher contrast and crisper images. It also supports the aforementioned Acer Touch Tools. Models are available with Intel’s Pentium, Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 processors, and can be configured with up to 12GB of RAM for powerful performance. Some models offer Nvidia GeForce 820M graphics to enrich the overall visuals. 500GB or 1TB hard drives provide ample storage for files, photos and videos. The Aspire R14 is Skype Certified, providing uninterrupted audio and visuals free of echos, gaps or lag, making it easier to connect with friends, family or coworkers around the world.

The Acer Aspire R14 series will be available in the Americas starting at $599.99 in October, in Europe for €499 in mid-October and in Asia.


Acer announced two new tablets and expanded its Iconia One series to “maximize enjoyment on the go or at home.” They include the Iconia Tab 8W, Iconia Tab 10 and Iconia One 8.

Iconia Tab 8W


The Acer Iconia Tab 8W is an eight-inch tablet that is the “ideal companion for both work and play.” Running on Windows 8.1 with Bing, the Iconia Tab 8W comes with an one-year complementary subscription to Office 365 Personal for full-access to Microsoft’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook applications.

Thanks to its 9.75 millimeter profile and 370 gram weight, the Iconia Tab 8W can be carried everywhere with ease, and provides up to eight hours of battery life. Its rear cover combines silver and tactile patterns for a premium finish. The narrow 7mm bezel enhances the viewing experience on the 1280×800 HD IPS display, which enables wide viewing angles and provides “consistent images, color and brightness.”

Powered by a quad-core Intel Atom Z3735G quad-core processor, the Iconia Tab 8W responds “promptly to multitasking, running games, playing videos, and browsing the web.” The tablet features a micro USB port that supports charging on the go, and is equipped with dual stereo speakers for a “powerful surround sound effect and realistic lifelike audio.” Dual cameras allow users to Skype while snapping photos and the microSD port allows for extended storage space.

The Iconia Tab 8W comes with an Acer Crunch keyboard that is easy to carry into a bag and carry around. It features a full-size keyboard for fast typing and a Windows home button for quick access to the Metro mode.

The Acer Iconia Tab 8W will be available in the Americas for $149.99 in November and for €149 in Europe this October.


Acer expanded its popular two-in-one notebook line with the new Aspire Switch 11 series and a new Switch 10 that boasts a 1080p Full HD 10.1-inch display. The Aspire Switch 2-in-1 lines combine a full Windows-based notebook and tablet in “one flexible device.”

The Aspire Switch sere is offers four flexible modes for touch, typing, viewing and sharing. The magnetic detachable Acer Snap Hinge has two hooks to firmly connect the tablet to the keyboard and a two-way connector that holds the tablet for “convenient two-sided viewing.” This design enables “easy transitioning between modes, latch-free keyboard docking and additional storage capability.

Jerry Kao, Acer Notebook Business Group general manager:

“We’re thrilled that the flexibility and portability of our Acer Aspire Switch series has resonated with customers. Our new models sporting larger 11.6-inch screens with durable Gorilla Glass 3, an anti-fingerprint coating and a responsive Chiclet keyboard should be a hit with both students and professionals alike.”

Mavin Shenoy, VP of Intel PC Client Group and GM, Mobile Client Platform Division:

“2-in-1s offer a great value proposition to consumers who want a laptop and a tablet in one device. Acer’s new line of 2-in-1s provides more compelling choices that elegantly work, share and play in a variety of modes — all powered by the outstanding performance of Intel processors.”

The Acer Snap Hinge allows users to switch easily between four modes of usage.


  • Notebook: Fully functional with a “spacious keyboard and a Precision Touchpad” for content creation and other productivity apps
  • Pad: Thin and light for those on the go; ideal for browsing the internet, viewing movies, playing tablet
  • Display: A stable mode, ideal for showcasing presentations in smaller environments, sharing photos and videos with friends or enjoying video conferences
  • Tent: Hands-free experience for watching movies and/or maximizing space in confined spaces, such as while traveling on a plane or train


The Aspire Switch series was made for taking to class, work and on the road. The rear cover is made from aluminum with nano imprint lithography (NIL) and is finished with a gentle gray brush stroke for “an aesthetic touch.”

Zero Air Gap technology delivers sharp images, while Acer LumiFlex optimizes screen visibility during outdoor activities, even in bright sunlight. IPS technology provides wide viewing angles and accurate colors from edge to edge.

The Precision Touchpad supports six touchpad gestures and delivers greater sensitivity and palm rejection by distinguishing between intentional finger gestures and accidental contact by the palm of the hand.

Built-in Acer BYOC means users will never be unprepared as they can easily access and manage their data anywhere. Acer BYOC apps offer real time information, data management, and data security across multiple devices for immediate synchronizing.

Optional accessories include the Acer Active Pen that provides “fast, precise input for those who prefer to handwrite notes,” an Acer Snap Case that “protects and packs the tablet and keyboard for easy carrying,” and a microUSB cable that serves as a “connection and charging hub.”

Aspire Switch 11


The new Aspire Switch 11 notebooks featuring 11.6-inch displays are outfitted with durable Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to help safeguard the screen from damage and scratches. They’re also protected with an anti-fingerprint coating to reduce fingerprints and smudges, while making them easier to clean. In addition, a Chiclet keyboard provides “good travel distance and well-spaced keys, which deliver solid tactile feedback, making typing easier and more comfortable.” Two front-facing stereo speakers deliver “clear audio for enjoying movies, videos and music.”

Two models are available in the series. For power users, the Aspire Switch SW5-171 features a 1080p Full HD display and a HD webcam for “enjoying images and video conferences in sharp detail.” Up to a 4th generation Intel Core i5 processor delivers “plenty of power for multitasking and fueling casual games and movies.” It’s also outfitted with 4GB of RAM and up to a 128GB hard drive for storing a “large archive of data and applications.” Connectivity to external storage, peripherals and other digital devices is provided via full-sized USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports.

Designed for mainstream users , the Aspire Switch SW5-111 is outfitted with a 1366×768 display and offers “ample power” with an quad-core Intel Atom Z3745 quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. Two USB 2.0 ports — one full-sized and the other micro — provide connectivity to peripherals and digital devices. A 2MP front camera with Full HD 1080p audio/video recording enables videoconferences and capturing images on the fly.

Both models include Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 for “full PC productivity,” micro HDMI for connecting a full-size display via just one cable and microSD for reading a wide variety of SD cards. Excellent wireless connectivity is enabled with Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi.

The Acer Aspire Switch 11 series will be available in the Americas starting at $399 this October and in Europe starting at €399.

Aspire Switch 10


The Aspire Switch 10 offers a new model, the SW5-012 that features a Full HD 1920×1200 or an HD 1280×800 10.1-inch display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to help protect the screen from scratches. One of the thinnest two-in-one devices on the market, it measures less than 8.9mm thin in tablet mode and 20.2mm with the keyboard dock.

Weighing just 1.29lbs for the table and 2.58lbs for the combined tablet and keyboard, the thin and light design is perfect for frequent travelers. It delivers up to 8 hours (HD) and 7 hours (Full HD) of battery life and provides solid performance with 32/64GB of storage, 2GB of RAM and a quad-core Intel Atom processor. It offers a 2MP HD webcam with 1920×1080 resolution and 1080p Full HD audio/video recording. The Switch 10 SW5-012 also comes preloaded with Microsoft Windows 8.1 along with Microsoft Office 365 Personal at no additional expense, so users can create and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents anywhere.

The Acer Aspire Switch 10 series will be available in the Americas this month starting at $329.99 and in Europe with prices starting at €329.


Iconia Tab 10


Designed to provide an “immersive entertainment experience,” the Iconia Tab 10 harnesses “ultra-realistic visuals with cinema sound.” Users can enjoy “realistic and lifelike stereo sound” from two built-in speakers, while Dolby Digital Plus delivers a surround sound experience by converting two-channel stereo audio into 5.1 channels over stereo headphones, “enhancing dialogue intelligibility, reducing background noise, and maximizing volume across all applications.”

The Iconia Tab 10 boasts an 10.1-inch FHD screen for “more vivid images.” With Zero Air Gap with IPS technology, the display delivers “exceptional detail, superb contrast and sharpness from wide viewing angles, and improves readability under sunlight.” The anti-fingerprint coating technology reduces smudging and makes the screen easier to clean. And for an added peace of mind, the tablet is protected by the latest iteration of Corning’s Gorilla Glass, which increases damage and scratch resistance.

Available in black or white, the Iconia Tab 10 includes a micro HDMI port and wireless display capability, which allows users to share photos and videos on a bigger screen with friendsa nd family. It runs on Android 4.4 KitKat and is powered by a MediaTek quad-core processor.

The Iconia Tab 10 will be available in the Americas for $199 in September and for €149 in Europe this October.

Iconia One 8

Acer Iconia One


Acer is expanding the Iconia One series with a larger eight-inch screen size and faster processing with a powerful quad-core Intel Atom Z3735G processor. The Iconia One 8 comes in 10 lively colors to match the user’s personal style. Its back cover is decorated with a textured pattern, which delivers a rich tactile experience and also allows for a firm grip thanks to its silky anti-slip finish. Measuring 8.5 milimeters thin and weighing less than 340 grams, the Iconia One 8 is small enough to slip into a small bag and be carried everywhere. While it is designed to be travel-friendly, the screen remains big enough for an enjoyable viewing experience.

This tablget delivers “sharp visuals and vivid images” via its 1280×800 HD display, which also comes with Zero Air Gap and IPS technology for “superb contrast and sharpness from wide viewing angles and better readability under sunlight.” The Acer Iconia One 8 also comes with anti-fingerprint coating technology.

The Iconia One 8 runs Android 4.4 KitKat. It is availble in green, yellow, orange, sky blue, white, black, pink, purple, mia blue and red.

The Iconia One 8 will be available in October at a starting price of €149.


Liquid Z500

Acer Liquid Z500

Listening to music, streaming movies or taking photos; the Acer Liquid Z500 is “stocked with the whole world of entertainment.”

The Liquid Z500 is “ready to entertain today’s fast-paced lifestyle” — whether it is for listening to music while biking or watching videos on the plane.

The Z500 surpises with great features in the sound department: the music performance comes up with CD for “loseless and immersive music everywhere.” Music lovers and video fans no longer need external speakers becuase the Liquid Z500 provides “powerful and advanced HD front speakers” which deliver “astonishing sound along with DTS Studio Sound.”

Meeting old friends, the next big family event or just an epic sunset — there are lots of situations for your smartphone’s camera to be ready. The Z500 features a “bright” camera and a five-inch HD IPS screen with a 900:1 contrast ratio to “guarantee that your memories will look as nice on the picture as in real life.” In addiiton, the 8MP auto focus camera with F2.0 aperture delivers the “best equality in low light situations.” Acer Bright Magic delivers “brighter photos even under low light” by enhancing brightness and reducing noise at the same time.

Liquid Z500 has a “smooth and slim form factor,” measuing 8.65mm thin for a “comfortable hold.” With a “sleek and textile design,” it comes in three colors: black, silver and green.

The Acer Liquid Z500 will be availble in Europe September 15 with a starting price of €149.

Source: Acer


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