Dropbox introduces streaming sync to “supercharge sync for large files”

If you use Dropbox on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer, you should be familiar with the service’s desktop client. It’s a folder on your desktop that works seamlessly in the background to sync files to Dropbox and making sure that they’re always available when you need them, on or offline, from any device.

Sync is the backbone of that magic folder, so Dropbox has announced streaming sync — a newly optimized sync for large files — and other features that improve how you use the Dropbox desktop client.

Before streaming sync, file synchroniation was split into distinct upload and download phases. This meant that a file needed to be uploaded in its entirely before otehr clients even began the download.

With streaming sync, those phases are overlapped and data is “streamed” through the company’s services to your devices. That means an “1.25-2x faster multi-client sync time for large files).

The next time you need to sync a file over 16MB from your computer to another connected device or in a shared folder, Dropbox will make sure you get an “extra sync speed boost.”

Also included in the latest version of the Dropbox desktop client is support for four new languages and scrollable menu notiifications to help yoeu keep closer tabs on wha’ts going on in your Dropbox. You can also create a shared link to files and accept shared folder invites directly from the Dropbox menu.

The update is available now.

Source: Dropbox



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