President Obama signs bill to give VA needed resources

President Obama traveled to Virginia’s Fort Belvoir Thursday to sign a reform bill giving the Department of Veterans Affairs the necessary resources to improvce access and quality of care for the men and women who have served the United States in uniform.

In remarks before the bill signing (watch the remarks embedded below), President Obama addressed the misconduct that has taken place at some VA facilities around the country, such as veterans being denied the care they need, or long wait times being covered up.


“This is wrong. It was outrageous. And working together, we set out to fix it and do right by our veterans across the board, no matter how long it took.”

The VA reform bill — officially known as the Veterans’ Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2014 — passed Congress with overwhelming bipartisan support, and will expand survivor benefits and educational opportunities and improve care for victims of sexual assault and veterans struggling with traumatic brain injuries. But the main focus of the new law is to make sure that veterans have access to the care they’ve earned.

The President outlined three areas the law will address:

  1. Giving the VA the resources it needs
  2. Ensuring timely care
  3. Holding people accountable

The President also noted that while this law focuses on immediate needs to reform the VA, we can’t lose sight of the long-term goals of our service members and our veterans.

Source: The White House


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