comScore reports June 2014 U.S. smartphone subscriber market share

Apple ranked as the top smartphone manufacuter in June 2014 with 42.1% market share, while Google’s Android OS led the smartphone platform race with 51.9% market share.
173 million Americans owned smartphones during the three month period ending in June, up four percent since March. Apple’s 42.1% subscriber share was up 0.7 percent from March. Samsung was second with 28.6 percent market share (up 1.6 percent), followed by LG (6.4 percent), Motorola (5.9 percent) and HTC (4.8 percent).
Apple’s iOS ranked second in platform market share (up 0.7 percent from March), Microsoft’s Windows Phone was third with 3.4 percent (up 0.1 percent), followed by BlackBerry (2.4 percent) and Symbian (0.1 percent).
Source: comScore

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