Vine introduces loop counts on mobile and web

You might’ve noticed loop counts on Vines in the service’s website, iOS and Android apps. Loop counts indicate how many times people have looped a video, including on Vine and in embeds across the web.

The number of times people watch a Vine loop, which can be seen on Android and iOS and on Vine’s website, updates in real time, so that as you watch a video, you’ll know how many others are watching at the same time.

Here’s a breakdown of other features in the update:

Redesigned Home Feed

Additionally, the feeds in the service’s Android and iPhone apps now feature a new design, offering bigger edge-to-edge videos and a cleaner view of likes and comments.


Finally, the Activity feed has been revamped to make it easier to know what’s happening with your Vines. In addition to separation between New and Older activity, you’ll also see notifications when your Vines surpass milestones (think 25 likes, 100 likes).

Source: Vine Blog


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