Mad Catz’s MOJO updated with Ouya app, 4K output

Mad Catz is offereing an update for its MOJO micro-console packed with new features to “take MOJO to the next level.” Since MOJO isn’t tied ot a particular app store or interface, thanks to running Google’s Android OS, users have the ability to play whatever they want, wherever they want for gaming, media and productivity apps among other categories. With MOJO’s latest firmware update installed, Mad Catz says it can transform it “into a true gaming and media powerhouse.”

What’s in the Update

OUYA app

MOJO owners now have instant access to the OUYA app. OUYA has hundreds of games which are configured to work with MOJO’s CTRL gamepad. Many OUYA games are award-winnng exclusives not available anywhere else.

4K UHD output

The era of 4K (Ultra High Definition) is upon us. The cost of new 4K TVs and monitors is dropping rapidly, and it’s only a matter of time before enjoying content at four times the resolution of HDTV is a rule rather than an exception. MOJO is ahead of the curve. With the new firmware, MOJO can be hooked up to a compatible 4K UHD display and enjoy content at 2160p.

Better Google Play access

With the new firmware, they’ll be a lot of new content available on stores like Google Play. The majority of games and apps on digital stores will now be visible and available for download on MOJO. Previously, the only way to receive this sort of access would have been to root your console.

Root Access

Speaking of rooting the MOJO, the console can be rooted without voiding your warranty.

Source: Mad Catz


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