Curated video service from TiVo’s co-founders, Qplay, shutting down Friday

Qplay is shutting down this Friday, July 25th.

The company in a blog post:

“We truly enjoyed bringing you the best videos from around the Internet. We had fun building and using Qplay and hope that you did too. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to keep developing and running the service.

“We want to thank our investors and partners for giving us this chance, and we especially want to thank you, our users, for giving us a try. It was a pleasure.”

If you purchased one of the company’s TV Adapter from us and would like a refund, Qplay will give you your money back. Refund requests will be accepted until July 25, 2014 at 5PM Pacific. All TV adapters will stop functioning when the service shuts down.

The app, website, service and TV Adapters will all stop working at 5PM Pacific on July  25th.

Source: Qplay


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