Endwar online alpha is a go

After a couple months of Tech Assault playtests and multiple game feature iterations, plus balancing and testing new content, battle systems, PvP matchmaking, and adding new Commanders, advanced equipment, new exiting maps and pushing Ubisoft’s server infrastructure to the limits, the EndWar Online Alpha has begun.

During the Alpha phase, a limited number of dedicated generals will be invited to test EndWar Online’s most comprehensive build to date.

To celebrate this important milestone, Ubisoft created a walkthrough video (which is embedded above). Much of what you see is going to change as the game develops and as the gameplay is fine tuned based on the data and feedback received from Alpha players.

You can enter the EndWar Online Alpha by one of the two following methods:

  1. An official email invitation from Ubisoft. In order to maximize your chance to be selected, make sure that you have completed as many tasks as possible from the Beta Boost program and that you are an active contributor on the EndWar Online Facebook page as well as the EndWar Online forums. Former Tech Assault players will be given queuing priority.
  2. The Alpha Lucky Draw. As openings in the Alpha become available, Ubisoft will give players who did not receive invitations a chance to be randomly chosen as an Alpha tester! All you have to do to participate in the draw is register or sign up with your Uplay account, click “Play Alpha Now,” and try your luck at the Lucky Draw. You can participate once per day.

You can also check out Ubisoft’s EndWar Online Alpha events. During the event, Alpha players can earn some substantial rewards by completing special missions.

Source: Ubisoft Blog


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