1Password 4 for Windows is here

After months of beta testing, 1Password 4 for Windows has arrived.

This is a huge release for developer AgileBits, as it brings many of the developer’s latest features to Windows and a “cleaner, more intuitive” interface. Windows users can enjoy favorites, multiple vaults, WiFi sync and security audit as well as the free 1Password Watchtower service that warns you when a login’s site has been compromised and helps you decide when it’s safe to update your passwords.

All together, this release includes 374 new features, improvements, and fixes spread across 85 betas. For the sake of keeping this blog post from becoming a novella, we will simply link to AgileBits’ full beta release notes if you’re interested.

Perhaps best of all, the 1Password trademark browser extension is now on Windows. You can drill down to view vault items, search your vault, access your favorites, change extension settings and it’s a simple click to open a new site, fill your credentials and login.

The extension looks and behaves the same in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer and resembles its Mac brother while having a Windows heart.

You can get 1Password 4 for Windows (7 or later) now in the AgileBits Store. Below is the pricing breakdown:

  • Users who bought 1Password for Windows since 2013: free (by using your current license)
  • Upgrades for all other customers: $24.99
  • New single users: $49.99
  • New family 5-pack: $69.99
  • Business users: Refer to this link

Source: AgileBits


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