Blacklight: Retribution PS Plus Starter Pack revealed

As a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll automatically receive your Blacklight: Retribution starter pack in the near future, which includes the Burstfire SMG, Revival Injector and 250 ZCoins to spend in the PlayStation Store. Head into customization to equip your items and you’re ready to go!

PlayStation Trophies have also arrived. The Blacklight: Retribution trophy count stands at twenty, and more are planned as future patches are released.

Several of Zombie Studios’ favorites include:

  • Who Needs Friends?: Earned by completing 20 matches of Deathmatch
  • Toasty: Earned by killing 10 Hardsuits with a Flamethrower.
  • Breadwinner: Earn 50,000 GP.
  • This is My Rifle: Fully customize a primary weapon.

The Blacklight: Retribution PlayStation Plus Starter pack has not been confirmed, but will be coming in the near future. Stay tuned to Paw Print for updates regarding a release date.

Source:  PlayStation Blog


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