Skype ‘remastered’ for iPhone in version 5.0

Skype’s iPhone app has joined the redesigned Skype mobile app club.

The new Skype for iPhone is the “most refined version yet.” It has an iOS 7-centric design, smooth animations and a few new features to the service itself.

Skype 5.0 for iPhone shares a consistent look and feel with the Windows Phone and Android apps, while still optimizing iOS’ unique strengths.

Just like Skype’s redesigned Android app, Microsoft took the opportunity to rewrite this new version from the ground up and customize it to fit iOS. The new Skype for iPhone is over five times faster than the old version.

As you swipe from conversations through to your favorites and then back to your contact lists, you’ll notice how smooth scrolling and transitioning from screen to screen is — with “delightful little pops and animations” punctuating them. All without degrading the performance and battery improvements that the Skype team made.

Now, iPhone users can start group chats from the hub. And when you send messages or photos, it doesn’t matter if the recipient is offline. Everyone will see your message as they become available.

Now, as you read your messages on your PC, tablet, Xbox and other devices, those conversations will be marked as read (or unread if new messages come in) on your iPhone to.

Source: Skype Blog


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