Grid Autosport coming to PS3 next week

GRID Autosport will arrive on PS3 next week, according to a post by developer Codemasters’ Ben Walke on the US PlayStation Blog.

View the game’s launch trailer below:

GRID Autosports’ RaceNet Clubs feature will allow you to form your own online groups where you can compare progress, and battle for overall supremacy with other clubs.

Each club will have the opportunity to design their own livery and racing in a car with a club livery applied to it will grant the club experience based on the driver’s performance. It will certainly be a formidable sight when you join an online race and find yourself up against a group of drivers all racing in the same club colors.

There are various sections within the Club HQ where you can view club details or check on its performance. The roster, for example, is the perfect place to gain quick access to a club’s drivers, see the number of races they completed, championships taken part in, wins, podium finishes and lifetime points. Alongside this, stat tracking is also present within the club section and you’ll be able to see how many wins and podiums a club has earned across its entire roster of drivers.

The Club HQ is also home to the Club Garage, the place where a selection of all the best cars the club members own are put on display. You can see their stats and compare them against your best cars. It’s also the area where club admins will be able to manage the club, promote players, change the club logo, or edit the recruitment status.

GRID Autosport can now be pre-ordered via the PlayStation Store. With that pre-order, you receive the GRID Autosport Black Edition, which adds additional content; including the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Black Series, black Edition white ravenwest liveries, 20 black edition online livery patterns and 10 new premium sponsors with objectives.

GRID Autosport launches on June 24th.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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