NBA Draft Lottery 2014: All you need to know

The 2014 NBA Draft lottery is only hours away, with the ping-pong balls set to decide the fate of the top-14 picks in the draft. Here are the full odds for the No. 1 pick:

  • Milwaukee Bucks- 25%
  • Philadelphia 76ers: 19.9%
  • Orlando Magic- 15.6%
  • Utah Jazz- 10.4%
  • Boston Celftics- 10.3%
  • Los Angeles Lakers- 6.3%
  • Sacramento Kings- 4.3%
  • Detroit Pistons- 2.8%
  • Cleveland Cavaliers- 1.7%
  • New Orleans Pelicans- 1.1%
  • Denver Nuggets- 0.8%
  • Minnesota Timberwolves- 0.6%
  • Phoenix Suns- 0.5%

Historically, the lottery hasn’t been kind to the NBA’s worst team. Since the first lottery in 1990, the worst team has won the first pick just three times, most recently in 2004. The Bucks, however, can’t pick any lower than fourth.

The event gets underway at 8PM ET, with television coverage being on ESPN. But if you’re away from a TV, you can watch it live on WatchESPN, provided you can log in with your cable company.

Source: SB Nation


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