Tiny Brains receives new content, price drop and cross-buy on PlayStation platforms

MONTREAL — Today indie studio Spearhead Games and publisher 505 Games released a new (and completely free) update for co-op puzzler Tiny Brains on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC. Based on community feedback, Spearhead’s new content provides both brand-new levels and updates to existing content. And if you’re interesting in the game, now’s a great time to buy because Tiny Brains is now priced at $9.99 on all three platforms. Let’s break down what’s new.

In case you prefer to consume your content in video form, you can watch a video update trailer below.

For those that decided to stay with the written breakdown, here are the new features.

  • 10 new time-based and puzzle challenges in the “Road to Stardom” game mode, including the Infernal Carousel, Battle of Sphereburg, and Matrix Ball
  • A rebranded version of existing content in “Escape the Mad Lab” and a new star-based progression and scoring system in the revamped “Road to Stardom.”
  • Souped-up superpower for the Minsc the hamster — Now, he can freeze objects with his ice blocks
  • Updated user interface that allows players to better navigate throughout modes and challenges
  • New online functionality for the demo, so trial players can host online games through Chapter 1 and join campaign games hosted by players with the full version

Source: Spearhead Games



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