NYC building collapse update 8AM ET

NEW YORK — Two days after the building collapse in Upper Manhattan, a lot of information has been received on the building collapse that occurred Wednesday. Here’s what we know as of 8AM ET.

No one else is still missing in the collapse, 8 people are dead and 73 are injured.

The Metro-North Railroad announced Wednesday night that Harlem and New Haven line service is operating on or close to schedule. 73 people are reported injured by local hospitals, including 1 child with 1 woman in critical condition. 60 people stayed overnight at a Salvation Army shelter after the explosion, according to the Red Cross.

Rescue operations at the site will continue ‘for days’ and there will be disruptions in the area, according to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. The fire at the site is still smoldering and was whipped up by winds overnight, according to de Blasio. 66 people are now receiving temporary shelter, according to de Blasio.

Health officials are recommending that residents in the surrounding area of the blast site stay indoors and keep their windows closed, according to de Blasio.

There was no reports of gas leaks in the days before the explosion, according to New York City and Consolidated Edison (ConEd) officials.

We will continue to provide updates every 12 hours as long as there is any new information.

Source: Breaking News


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