REVIEW; Cellairis Polycarbonate Bumper Case for Apple iPhone 4/4S – Cool Gray/Orange

Thanks to Cellairis for sending out this case for review.

I absolutely love cases on my iPhone and at the same time I don’t, because I love the design and material of the iPhone 4/4s and I don’t want to cover the back of it and somebody suggested me to get a bumper case which covers up the sides only not the back and has a little of protection If your phone falls down sided. Bumper cases are the best especially If you love the feel of your iPhone. This bumper case that Cellairis sent out is just amazing! It covers up the sides really well and has a lot of protection If your iPhone drops. I’ve been using this case for almost a week now and I’ve been happy with it so far. Never had any problems, I dropped my phone two times already and I haven’t seen no scratch on my phone yet.

Buy now:  Cellairis Polycarbonate Bumper Case


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