Garmin’s latest app turns Sony’s Smartwatch 2 into a GPS

OLATHE, Kansas — Garmin announced a new navigation app for Sony’s Xperia smartphones with an extension for the Sony Smartwatch 2. The Garmin Xperia Edition features Garmin’s signature navigation features such as onboard maps, lane guidance, speed warnings, lifetime traffic and social media integration. The app integrates with Sony SmartWatch 2 to display walking directions.

Garmin will offer an app extension for the SmartWatch 2 in the Google Play Store. The app extension allows the SmartWatch 2 to receive navigation information via Bluetooth from an Android smartphone running the Garmin Xperia Edition or the NAVIGON Android app. The extension displays a detailed map, perfect for navigating on foot. Users can see their current position as well as their route. Users can also zoom in on the map by tapping on the watch.

Garmin Xperia Edition features onboard maps navigated locally on their smartphone, so users can navigate even in areas where cell phone coverage is spotty. Garmin Xperia Edition offers multiple options to search for points of interest or addresses, integrated into one interface. The app combines its onboard database with other sources like Wikipedia, Foursquare, or a user’s phone contacts. With the Reality Scanner function, users can display nearby points of interest in a live camera view. The app also features a Trip Editor to plan trips with multiple destinations with advance. Users can also share travels with friends and family with Glympse.

On the road, the apps like any other navigation app. The Active Lane Guidance feature displays an animated graphic next to the map view that uses brightly colored arrows to indicate the proper lane needed to make a turn. The app automatically warns users when they exceed the speed limit and shows realistic images of junctions and exits. True 3D in-map views obtained from NASA’s height and terrain data provide intuitive visual orientation, and Live Weather displays real-time information on weather conditions.

With Traffic Live, users get routed around gridlock, and once they arrive at their destination, Clever Parking provides information on nearby parking garages. Urban Guidance integrates public transportation, complete with detailed itineraries of transit stops. The Last Mile function automatically saves the position of a parked car and switches into pedestrian mode to provide walking directions. The feature also shows a Google Street View image of the destination for better orientation. Since the car’s position is saved, the app can easily guide drivers back to their car at any time.

Source: Garmin



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