Wind Mobile to launch unlimited US data, talk, text add-on Monday

TORONTO — Wind Mobile announced its unlimited U.S. Roaming add-on Friday, which will give customers unlimited data, talk and text in the United States. The add-on will be available for $15 per month.

Mirko Rugarli, Chief Marketing Officer of Wind Mobile:

“With more and more Canadians visiting the United States for work or pleasure, we know how important it is for them to keep in touch with family and friends or take care of business back home. This new add-on gives customers the freedom to stay connected to their world while traveling. Consumers will be able to use their smartphone however they like without limits: check maps if they get lost; update Facebook and Twitter; send photos of their trip; check the local weather — and all for only $15 a month. No more headaches, no more surprises.”

The add-on will be available on Monday for new and existing customers.

 Source: MarketWired


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